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The Pursuit of Happiness - 2017 SAMA exhibition at ION Art Gallery Aug22-29


SAMA is a group of Korean painters who are dedicated to promote Minhwa, the Korean traditional polychrome paintings, in Singapore. Founded in 2016, SAMA has grown from strength to strength. Our paintings have not only been exhibited worldwide, but also won many prizes in the Korean art scene. Today, we’re glad to present our own show, “the pursuit of happiness” for the first time in Singapore.


Happiness is essentially the main topic of Minhwa. Minhwa is the painting of the people - the commoners, not the professional artists. It has been one of the key elements in decorating our ancestors’ homes and the venue for the people to wish upon their dreams and happiness to come true. The motifs and animals painted in Minhwa are believed to not only keep the evil spirits away, but also bring in good luck and happiness.


Although our lifestyle has changed dramatically from the time when Minhwa was first painted a few hundred years ago, the attitude of pursuing happiness through this colourful and naive styled folk art still remains the same. 10 SAMA artists have poured their passion and energy into the hanji canvas and sublimate the wish of happiness into beautiful arts.

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